Wednesday, 16 November 2016


So its been a pretty weird and wonderful week in Wellington!  A little scary and a little exciting but definitely not boring!

Sunday night was the earthquakes(s) and the Tsunami warning.  Monday school was closed.  Tuesday was there was lots stormy weather and flooding!  Today in Room two we had a bit of a debrief about it.

We talked a lot about what happened and how we felt.  Some of us were awake the whole time and some of us slept through it all!

Below is some of the writing we did.....

There were 2 big big earthquakes so I had to go under my Uncle Vai's table.  I went under her table because his tale is very very strong.  So I 'dropped, covered and held'  After all that stuff we had no power to we had to use our phone and torches.
By Jamera

Then the earthquake happened my whole body shook and my TV fell.  My window cracked.  My dad came and told me it was an earthquake.  He said we have to go under the table to be safe.
By Donzel

One that night when I was in bed my Dad woke me up.  My mum was panicking and I was shaking.  The painting fell off the wall.  Then we went outside and there were lots of people around.
By Scarlett

I was sleeping and I was woken up by an earthquake.  The shaking from the earthquake was as noisy as thunder.  My Dad go me out of bed and he took me to the doorway.  We did the drop, cover and hold like a turtle.
By Minami

I was asleep.  My mum woke me up.  "Earthquake!"  she said to me.  She pulled me out of bed.  The flower pot with the flower in it fell over.  There was water all over the floor.  I was crying and I held my cousin tight.  We went to the mountain and when we got back there was no electricity.
By Shakaya

I woke up and it felt like it was raining in my tummy.  I had to wake up my whole family so they would be safe.  We stayed in the lounge together.
By Majak

One night I as sleeping and the house shook.  I hopped out of bed.  I went downstairs into my living room.  Under my table I did drop, cover, hold.  The earthquake stopped and then I went back into my bedroom.
By Dane

Last night when the earthquake happened I went outside.  I saw millions of starts in the skey.  Our power was off.  That earthquake was shaking like a volcano.
By Kema

After we wrote all about our experiences we decided that was time to try and be happy again.  So to help us we did some painting.  We call them our happy pictures.

Mrs Foster has an idea about how we can share our happiness with some others that might not be so happy or as safe as us.  Watch this space!!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

October - Rosary Month

This new term back to school means a new month as well!  October!  October is the month of the rosary.  This will be our prayer focus for the rest of the month.  Children will be saying the rosary at school prayers and in their class prayers as well.

Today was a rainy day so we weren't able to walk down to swimming.  So today we stayed at school and made our very own rosaries that we can use to help us keep tract of the 10 Hail Marys we say.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Church Strand

Last term we learned alot of about the CHURCH.

We know that a Church is where people go to pray to God in Heaven so that we can part of Jesus and a Parish.  In Church we

Ø We gather
Ø We celebrate

Ø We live God’s presence

Spring Poems

We have really started to notice that the weather has started to get warmer.  There's lots of rain but lots of sun too.  We wrote Spring acrostic poems to describe what we see, feel and touch in Spring.

We also had fun creating our blossom trees.  We see lots of blossom trees in spring!

Swimming Term 4

Swimming for Term 4 has started!!!

We've had only two lessons and had so much fun already!  This week we will be keeping swimming journals in our writing too so we can record all the things we learned to do and how far we progress over the 2 weeks!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Room 2's 'Little Garden'

Have you see the ads on TV for the New World's "Little Garden" seedling kits yet?

We if you haven't  you can check out the ad or get more information about it here....

Room 2 and Room 1 have signed up for a little competition.  New World sent us two sets of seedling kits.  We are going to plant them, care for them and learn all about growing healthy gardens.  In the process we are going to see who grows the best seedlings.  Will it be Room 1 or Room 2?

We were very excited when we opened box, so we investigated what was actually in the kits!  We found there was a biodegradable pot, a seed 'mat', a soil tablet and a sign so we knew which seeds we were planting.

All we needed to do was add the water!

 Let's see what happens....

Right after the water was added...

10 seconds after the water was added and the water is
disappearing into the soil. It's making the soil damp.

20 seconds after the water was added the water is all gone
and the soil is ready for planting!

 Now the fun begins!!

We have finished planting!  Now the seed pots are sitting at the back of our class near the door and windows so they can get lots of light.  We know that plants need lots of light to grow.

We can't wait to see which seeds grow first!  Will it be radishes? lettuce? leeks? basil? Rocket?  (No, not a real rocket! - the amazing things we learn from gardens!)  We have plenty of seeds to watch and learn from. Thanks New World!!!

More updates to come with progress and our growing tips!

Our Little Garden

When we opened the box in Room 1 we saw some seeds and a pot and a little sign.  We needed a bowl too.

We started to plant the seeds.  We put the soil in the bowl and tipped the water in.  When I put the water in the bowl the soil started to grow.  I thought that it was going to grow as big as my thumb.

I waited for the dirt to suck all the water up.  I mixed it and it turned into dirt.  I put 4 or 5 or 3 scoops in the pot and then I put the seeds in.  The last thing I did was put the little sign on the pot.  The sign told us what the seeds were.

By Luhia

Yesterday we got all the supplies to make a vegetable garden.

There was a box for Room 2 AND Room 1!
Luisa Maria

I put 50mls of water to the soil in the bowl.

After 10 seconds the soil was big and finished growing.

It was cool because it was like a cool volcano and then a mountain.

We were so excited because it rose up so quickly!